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X10 interface

The X10 interface uses the Python X-10 library to talk to the X10 interfaces. While Python X10 does support the CM11/12, CM15, and CM17a interfaces, only the CM11 has been tested and functionality for the others has been added but have not been tested. Send a message to 'dinki' on the forums or IRC if you are interested in using these other interfaces.


The X10 device driver reads from a configuration file located at /etc/opt/agocontrol/conf.d/x10.conf:


Interface options are CM11, CM15, and CM17a. Note that the CM12 is supported using the CM11 option

Device types

Switches are supported for simple on/off and are known working. These switches can be used for lamp, appliance, motion detectors, remote control buttons, etc. Dimmer support has been added but has not been tested.

Receiving RF commands

Python X-10 only supports sending X10 commands. This device driver has been given a limited, but functional access to commands received on the X10 interface via RF->Powerline communications. The device driver only recognizes on/off commands received. All other RF commands, such as dimming, are simply ignored.

CM19A Interface Manual Installation

Follow the instructions at http://www.cm19a.com/2013/02/python-x10-cm19a-usb-software-linux.html for installing and testing the interface. Once you have everything working, copy 'CM19aDriver.py', 'CM19aProtocol.ini', 'logger.py' to /opt/agocontrol/bin/ .

Download my driver at http://pastebin.com/kGaC938c and copy it to /opt/agocontrol/bin as 'agox10-cm19a.py'. Note that this driver is a mess as it's still a work in progress, but it does work well. Bright/Dim does not work yet, but ON/OFF works fine. Also, this version does not read from a config file so edit your switches/dimmers in the 'agox10-cm19a.py' code.

Set permissions on all copied files as necessary. Try running /opt/agocontrol/bin/agox10-cm19a.py . It should start up and start watching/sending RF commands. Once you are satisfied, you can create a service to start the device automatically.

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