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X10 interface

The X10 interface uses the Python X-10 library to talk to the X10 interfaces. While Python X10 does support the CM11/12, CM15, and CM17a interfaces, only the CM11 has been tested and functionality for the others would require minor code changes. Send a message to 'dinki' on the forums or IRC if you are interested in using these other interfaces.


The X10 device driver reads from a configuration file located at /etc/opt/agocontrol/conf.d/x10.conf:


Device types

Currently only switches are supported for simple on/off. These switches can be used for lamp, appliance, motion detectors, remote control buttons, etc. Dimmer support is planned but has not been implemented.

Receiving RF commands

Python X-10 only supports sending X10 commands. This device driver has been given a limited, but functional access to commands received on the X10 interface via RF->Powerline communications. The device driver only recognizes on/off commands received but support for dimmer commands are planned for future releases.

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