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Web Admin Development

Icon Discussion for Admin Interface

Please add needed icons devices and their description and what the icon should look like. This page is created for you - your input is welcome. You don't need to discuss and ask around - you edit here...


Device Status Icon Description Comment
switch on, off Switch with on / off
dimmer on, off, level
dimmer prototype
Dimmer with on / off / level
multilevelsensor level Multilevel sensor device can have multiple values like temperature, humidity, brightness. The question is how to get one icon for multiples? Or just to set up which value is shown per default? All input is welcome here.
binarysensor level
temperature sensor
temperature sensor icon
event Event device -you can create events which are shown as a device. The event device is 0 by default and changes to 1 if the configured event was hit.
scenario Scenario device - you can create scenarios and just fire them.


Description Status Icon Comment
Home default, hover
Home icon
Home icon
Settings default, hover
Settings icon
Settings icon
Multimedia default, hover
Multimedia icon
Multimedia icon
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