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Weather Reporter

The agoweatherreporter module uploads environment data such as temperature to sites for weather crowd sourcing.

The module is listening for event.environment.temperaturechanged or event.environment.humiditychanged events. The config file contains a list of sensors that should be reported.

Supported weather bnetworks


Config file example


Delay = 150

Password=<your password>


Desc=Garage sensor
UUID = <UUID of the device>>
WU-Station=<station for Weather Underground>
TN-Hash = < API key>

Desc=Entrance sensor
UUID = <UUID of the device>>
TN-Hash = < API key>

Parameters explained:

Delay                    - Delay between uploads, can be overrideen for each sensor
[S1-temp]                - Just a name you select
TN- Hash                 - The key you received when registering your station
WU-Station               - Weather Underground: Station name
Sensor = S1-temp,S2-temp - The agocontrol device names
UUID =                   - The agocontrol UUID for the device

Install package

sudo apt-get install agocontrol-weatherreporter


Likely depreciated:

sudo apt-get install python-configobj

or use:

<<Is this still needed?>>

cd /home/<your username>
tar -xvf six-1.9.0.tar.gz
cd six-1.9.0
sudo python install

Enable and start daemon

Then enable and start the daemon

sudo systemctl enable agoweatherreporter.service
sudo systemctl start agoweatherreporter.service
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