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This is a stub for upcoming documentation


Initial authentication

First, you need to get valid API-keys from Telldus. Log into Telldus API site, click on "Your Keys" and then "Generate a private token for my user only"

Update the file: /etc/opt/agocontrol/conf.d/tellsticknet.conf with the keys:


Run /opt/agocontrol/bin/ to get the device authentication keys from Telldus

After a short while, you'll get this:<some long seeminly random string>

Copy the entire URL and into your browser. When requested, log into Telldus Live and authorise this device to use the API.
Eventually you'll get

Return to your application and press the confirm-button

Now go back to the terminal and run /opt/agocontrol/bin/ once more.

You'll get:

Authentication successful, you can now use your Tellstick Net with aGo control

Additional settings

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