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Scenarios Configuration

Scenarios are used to group ago control commands to create simple or complex actions that can be triggered by events, from the dashboard, or from floorplans. Click on the 'Configuration' button on the left menu then click on 'Scenarios' to access the Scenarios Configuration page:

Scenarioconfiguration.JPG Click the 'Add Command' button to add as many commands as desired. Type a name in the text entry box that says 'New scenario' and click the 'Create Scenario' button to create a new scenario.

Scenarios can be run by clicking the play/triangle icon to the right of the scenario name. Scenarios can be edited by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the scenario name. You can also delete a scenario by pressing the 'x' button to the far right of the scenario name.

Create simple scenario

In main menu go to "Scenarios" and just add one. Ago control-simple scenario.png

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