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ago control uses AMQP as underlying communication protocol. It uses the Apache QPID broker to pass messages. The components communicate over a topic queue "agocontrol". The Resolver component tracks device announcement events to build an inventory. It also enriches the inventory with devicename and room information and provides the device schema. This can be used by user interfaces as it defines the supported commands for each device type.


We provide packages for Debian Wheezy and Fedora 17. You should install at least the agocontrol and the agocontrol-admin package. You probably also want to install other components for device support.


The global configuration is set in the System.conf file residing in /etc/opt/agocontrol/conf.d/. Here you can specify an installation uuid, the host, username and password for the broker configuration. Settings for other devices are in device specific conf files located in the same directory.


The output from the components is logged to syslog. Depending on your syslog configuration it probably ends up in the log /var/log/daemon. You can also take a look at the internal AMQP communication. To watch the messages on the broker use "":

python /opt/agocontrol/bin/

What next?

Now connect to the ago control administration interface. You can get more information here: AgoAdmin

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