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Readme First

Describes the basic function and design of agocontrol. Core of the System is the AMQP broker. The components communicate over a topic queue "agocontrol". The resolver is the brain of the system and knows everything about the system. The resolver stores information like devices and rooms which he got from agoadmin or plugins.

Core Modules

  • qpid / AMQP broker - enterprise messaging system
  • agoresolver - service and name resolver for the AMQP based automation control
  • agoadmin - webinterface for basic control and setup
  • agocloud - cloud connector - interconnect the local AMQP automation system with the cloud


  • agozwave - control Z-Wave devices
  • agoowfs - control 1-Wire devices
  • agologger - logs events of including command "discover" to Syslog

Message protocol

agoresolver commands

  • inventory - listing inventory (devices, rooms)
  • setroomname - set room name of given uiid and name
  • setdeviceroom - set the room for device with given uuid's
  • setdevicename - set the device name of given uuid and name

Device commands and parameters

YAML Shema



  • on - switch device on
  • off - switch device off
  • setlevel - set level on device - example a dimmer value


  • level - level from 0 to 255


  • look in /var/log/syslog
tail -f /var/log/syslog
  • see whats going on in
python /opt/agocontrol/bin/
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