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Mopidy music player

Introduction Mopidy music players cannow be added to Agocontrol Staus: Highly experimental

For install on a Debian system (e.g. Raspbian Jessie), follow these instructions ([1]).

Install agocontrol Mopidy

First get and update to latest packages:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

then install Squeezebox

sudo apt-get install agocontrol-mopidy

Conf file

Create the conf file:

cd /etc/opt/agocontrol/conf.d/
sudo touch mopidy.conf
sudo chown agocontrol:agocontrol mopidy.conf

Edit the conf file.





Start the service

Then start the service now

sudo systemctl start agomopidy.service

Then enable the service to auto start after reboot have occured

sudo systemctl enable agomopidy.service

Device configuration

Goto your device configuration

You should now see your device(s). Edit the device names and your devices will occur on your All my devices dashboard.

Mopidy dashboard.png

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