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(Getting started)
(Getting started)
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* [[zwave_basics | Z-Wave Basics]]
'''Device Specific'''
* [[zwave_basics | Z-Wave Basics]] -  the basics about inclusion, association and parameters of a Z-Wave device
* [[AsteriskPBXHowTo|Asterisk PBX with ago control in 5 Minutes]]
* [[AsteriskPBXHowTo|Asterisk PBX with ago control in 5 Minutes]]

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What is ago control?

ago control is a framework for device control. The aim is to provide a complete home automation solution. It can also be used in other areas, like agriculture. ago control uses an AMQP Enterprise Message Bus as communication backend, a lightweight protocol, readable by humans and machines, modern and modular architecture, cloud features and more!

ago control boasts great performance and also runs on embedded devices like the Raspberry Pi and multiple plug computes like Sheevaplug, Guruplug and Pogoplug. It has support for many devices and protocols like Z-Wave, KNX, EnOcean, X10, 1wire, Asterisk PBX, Dreambox/Enigma2, Onkyo eISCP AVR, Chromoflex USP3 RGB LED dimmer, APC Power Distribution Unit (PDU), DMX Interfaces via the OpenLightingArchitecture (OLA), Phillips TV sets (Jointspace), Arduino Firmata, IRTrans Ethernet consumer infrared blaster, Kwikwai HDMI CEC Ethernet bridge, Rain8net irrigation controller, Webcam support, and BlinkM LED support. ago control is easy to extend and has a growing list of user submitted device drivers.

Getting started




Device Specific

System overview

Core Components

Device Interfaces

Development Notes

Example Setups

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