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This page is documenting the state of development of the LIFX bulb integration.


Install package

sudo apt-get install agocontrol-lifx

Enable and start daemon

Then enable and start the daemon

sudo systemctl enable agolifx.service
sudo systemctl start agolifx.service

Agocontrol LIFX service configuration

Configuration for the agocontrol service goes into /etc/opt/agocontrol/conf.d/lifx.conf. Example:


Development history

2016-11-16 Connecting bulb to network, not working, trying different suggestions from the net

2016-11-16 Connecting bulb to network, working after just letting the app wait for 5 minutes

2016-11-16 Created API key, basic Python script in place to get bulb info - working

2016-11-18 Trying out lifx-sdk for LAN communication (UDP/IP) Dependencies -- --

2016-11-18 Able to list devices, turn on and off lights

2016-11-20 Started working on and

2016-11-20 Started working on - on/off working fine. Devices register with agocontrol

2016-11-22 Working on - basic dimming working fine

2016-11-23 Added testsuite

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