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agoknx depends on eibd. You can install debian packages after adding the following to the sources.list:

deb eib main


eibd connection

You can specify a connection URL for eibd with the following config.ini snippet:


This is already set as default when no setting is done via the config file.

Device configuration

The device configuration is done via a XML file named "/etc/opt/agocontrol/knx/devices.xml". You can override the path with a "devicesfile=..." entry in the config.ini. This XML file defines the mapping between group addresses (GA) and ago control devices. The mapping is done like this:

  <device uuid="5e4c10c2-05ab-46eb-ad9d-4dc39f4d4913" type="switch">
	<ga type="onoff">0/0/101</ga>
	<ga type="onoffstatus">0/0/102</ga>
  <device uuid="4b568cb7-26be-4486-ad7e-0a16f9915162" type="drapes">
	<ga type="onoff">0/0/33</ga>
	<ga type="setlevel">0/0/32</ga>
	<ga type="levelstatus">0/0/31</ga>
	<ga type="stop">0/0/34</ga>
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