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(Starting eibd)
(start the service)
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==== start the service ====
==== start the service ====
systemctl start eibd.service
systemctl start eibd.service
==== enable the eibd service at startup ====
==== enable the eibd service at startup ====

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agoknx depends on eibd. You can install the original debian packages after adding the following to the sources.list:

deb eib main

We also provide packages on the ago control mirror. They are compiled without java and with the "only eibd" setting.


Install the "agocontrol-knx" package.


eibd connection

You can specify a connection URL for eibd with the following /etc/opt/agocontrol/conf.d/knx.conf snippet:


This is already set as default when no setting is done via the config file.

Device configuration

The device configuration is done via a XML file named "/etc/opt/agocontrol/knx/devices.xml". You can override the path with a "devicesfile=..." entry in the /etc/opt/agocontrol/conf.d/knx.conf . This XML file defines the mapping between group addresses (GA) and ago control devices. The mapping is done like this:

  <device uuid="5e4c10c2-05ab-46eb-ad9d-4dc39f4d4913" type="switch">
	<ga type="onoff">0/0/101</ga>
	<ga type="onoffstatus">0/0/102</ga>
  <device uuid="4b568cb7-26be-4486-ad7e-0a16f9915162" type="drapes">
	<ga type="onoff">0/0/33</ga>
	<ga type="setlevel">0/0/32</ga>
	<ga type="levelstatus">0/0/31</ga>
	<ga type="stop">0/0/34</ga>
  <device uuid="c2a3628b-5da3-4c7a-a926-aae2218baa74" type="dimmer">
	<ga type="onoff">0/4/0</ga>
	<ga type="setlevel">0/7/0</ga>
	<ga type="levelstatus">0/6/10</ga>
  <device uuid="b7e9ac90-032c-45e2-969d-382f84f3de11" type="multilevelsensor">
	<ga type="temperature">3/0/0</ga>
  <device uuid="26f43f6e-3b4c-43ad-ba57-8e88102d2680" type="multilevelsensor">
        <ga type="brightness">3/0/1</ga>
  <device uuid="a8d8a6da-097d-40f1-a655-9bb917e7d491" type="binarysensor">
        <ga type="binary">3/0/1</ga>
  <device uuid="a8fa5922-f8c0-43fe-8257-2cf9c8209e14" type="multilevelsensor">
	<ga type="energy">4/1/2</ga>
  <device uuid="ff13c8d5-98c7-4b6e-b88f-3e543cfe963a" type="multilevelsensor">
	<ga type="energyusage">4/7/2</ga>


Installing and Starting eibd

Just install eibd package:

apt-get install eibd-server

When you want to use a local eibd instance, you need to start it first. These are quite common options for an IP KNX interface (assuming for its address):

eibd -D -T -R -S -i -u ipt:

You might also want to consider enabling group cache functionality. Just add the "-c" (or --GroupCache) flag to the eibd daemon to enable caching of group communication network state.

eibd systemd startup

If you want to run eibd as a systemd service you need to create following files. We need to check how to run eibd as non-root user in future.


# config file for eibd
EIBD_OPTS="-D -T -R -S -i -u ipt:"


Description=EIB Daemon

ExecStart=/usr/bin/eibd -d -p /var/run/ $EIBD_OPTS






start the service

systemctl start eibd.service

enable the eibd service at startup

systemctl enable eibd.service

starting agoknx

You can start agoknx via systemctl:

systemctl start agoknx.service

Don't forget to enable it when it shall start automatically on reboot:

systemctl enable agoknx.service

You can also start it manually, just execute it:

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