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  git clone<user>/agocontrol.git
  git clone<user>/agocontrol.git
Check your git config file so that it's using SSH.
sudo nano .git/config
[remote "origin"]
== Wiki ==
== Wiki ==

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[edit] Account

To request an account join #agocontrol-devel on freenode and talk to one of the Core Developers. We'll add self-enrollment soon. If you had an account on the old git, you need to go here to reset your password via email (press "Email password reset link" - this is needed because the old apache md5 hash can't be used with the new system):

Should your email be wrong (I've fetched them from the git commits) please contact hari on irc.

[edit] Services

[edit] Repository

[edit] Gitlab

The repository runs on our local gitlab installation. You can access it here:

[edit] Git Settings

Make sure to set your username and email:

git config --global ""
git config --global "Jim Smith"

Convenient settings:

git config --global push.default current

[edit] Cloning

git clone

change branch to develop

cd agocontrol
git checkout -b develop origin/develop

[edit] Commit and push

git status
git add  <path/file>
git commit -m "<your comment>"
git push

[edit] Fork and Pull request

If you don't have rights to push to the main repo you can fork the project on Gitlab and issue a pull request. Make sure you have added your ssh key (see for instructions). For example to clone your agocontrol / agocontrol file:

git clone<user>/agocontrol.git

Check your git config file so that it's using SSH. sudo nano .git/config

[remote "origin"]

[edit] Wiki

Wiki logins now work with the developer accounts:

[edit] Continuous Integration

[edit] Buildbot

Buildbot is currently used to build packages on every commit. It runs on our builder system:

This is not tied into the new authentication system yet.

[edit] Gitlab CI

Gitlab-CI runs here: This has integration into Gitlab. The nice thing is that every commit will have a build status (success/pending/failed). The downside is that it is far not as flexible as Buildbot. So this will not replace buildbot but augment it for quick testing of change sets.

[edit] Jenkins

A test installation is set up and allows login with the developer account. Contact hari on irc for further details.

[edit] Branching

I'd propose to adopt the branching model explained here:

GIT Branching.png

Further discussion pending.

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