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Floorplan Configuration

Floorplans are used to group ago control devices and scenarios for easy access from within the web gui. Click on the 'Configuration' button on the left menu then click on 'Floorplans' to access the Floorplan Configuration page. Type a name in the text entry box that says 'New floorplan name' and click the 'Create Floorplan' button to create a new floorplan. You will then see the new floorplan listed with the other floorplans:


Floorplans can be edited by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the floorplan name. You can also delete a floorplan by pressing the 'x' button to the far right of the floorplan name.

Adding Devices to a Floorplan

Devices can be added after creating a floorplan. The new floorplan will open in your browser after creating it. A list of rooms will now be available on the left menu. Click the '+' icon next to a room to show the devices available. You can then drag and drop the devices into the nine cells to populate it:


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