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Event Configuration

Events are actions that are triggered by criteria. Click on the 'Configuration' button on the left menu then click on 'Events' to access the Events Configuration page. Add the Criteria to the event and then specify the Action to take if the criteria is satisfied. Type a name in the text entry box that says 'New event' and click the 'Create Scenario' button to create a new scenario:


The new event is now available and the action will be acted upon whenever the criteria is satisfied.

Events can be edited by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the event name. You can also delete an event by pressing the 'x' button to the far right of the event name.

Available Criteria

Here is a list of criteria and it's description:

  • Announces a device to the resolver -
  • Announces a status change of a device -
  • Brightness has changed -
  • Humidity has changed -
  • Sun did rise -
  • Sun has set -
  • Temperature has changed -
  • Time did advance -
  • Mediaplayer changed play state -
  • Intruder alarm -
  • Sensor was triggered -
  • A call is originating -
  • Cull hung up -

Available Actions

Actions are dependent on device drivers. For example, you can have criteria that monitors if a door bell is pressed then take action of sending an email. The action for send email would require a message body, subject and email recipient.

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