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Device Configuration

Devices are unique instances controlled by device handlers. Devices can also be scenarios. Each device can be assigned a name and a room. Click on the 'Configuration' button on the left menu then click on 'Devices' to access the Device Configuration page:


Device names can be edited by clicking on the current device name and then typing in the new name. Devices can be assigned a room by clicking in the 'Room Name' field of the device and picking a room name from the pulldown menu. Room names can be created in the Room Configuration page. You can also delete a device by pressing the 'x' button to the far right of the device name.

Devices can be sorted by device name, room name, device type, handler, and internal ids by clicking on the up/down arrow icons at the top of each column.

Devices can be filtered by rooms and device types by clicking the desired room(s) and/or device type(s) near the top of the screen.

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