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ago control Web Admin

You can reach the ago control web admin at or http://your-hostname-or-ipaddress:8008/

You can change the listen port e.g. to 1234 by adding the following to system.conf:



The configuration page can be access by clicking on the 'CONFIGURATION' button on the left menu:


Device setup page

You can reach this page by selecting "Setup" in the main navigation. Here you have a quick overview of all devices, scenarios and events. You also can rename devices, select rooms, create rooms and do basic control on devices. Ago control-device setup.png

Edit device name

Double click on the device name you want to edit. Ago control-edit device name.png

Set room for device

Double click on the room name of device to change or select the room. Ago control-set device room.png

Create simple scenario

In main menu go to "Scenarios" and just add one. Ago control-simple scenario.png

Create simple event

In main menu go to "Events" and just add one. Ago control-simple event.png

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