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Tutorial for adding a new device type

This tutorial will take you through all steps and files needed to add a new device type to aGo control. As an example the "Computer" device type used by Wake-on-LAN (WOL) will be used.

Add to schema - conf/schema.yaml

   name: General computer (for WOL)
   description: A computer
   commands: ["on"]

Add to main web script

File name: core/rpc/html/js/app.js Change the following:

var supported_devices = [ "switch", "dimmer", "binarysensor", "dimmerrgb", "multilevelsensor",
"scenario", "drapes", "brightnesssensor", "powermeter", "energysensor", "humiditysensor", "phone",
"pushbutton", "placeholder", "temperaturesensor", "energymeter", "squeezebox", "computer" ];

HTLM template for device

File name: core/rpc/html/templates/devices/

 <div class="four columns grid-item device"  data-bind="attr: {'data-uuid': uuid}"> 
	<div class="row">
		<div class="three columns">
			<div class="pretty large primary btn grid-item-icon handle">
				<i class="icon-keyboard" data-bind="click: showDetails"></i>
		<div class="nine columns">
			<div class="grid-item-header">
				<h3 data-bind="text: name, if: name"></h3>
				<ko opts="if: room ">
					<p class="room"><i class="icon-location"></i><span data-bind="text: room"></span></p>
                                <p class="info"><i class="icon-info"></i>
                                        <ko opts="if: state() == 0">
                                                <_span data-translateable="true">OFF</_span>
                                        <ko opts="if: state() == 255">
                                                <_span data-translateable="true">ON</_span>
	<div class="row grid-item-controls">
		<div class="six columns">
		    <ko opts="if: state ">
                <_div data-translateable="true" class="cmd-btn pretty medium default btn btn-full grid-command" data-bind="click: turnOn" data-value="on">ON</_div>
            <ko opts="ifnot: state ">
                <_div data-translateable="true" class="cmd-btn pretty medium primary btn btn-full grid-command" data-bind="click: turnOn" data-value="on">ON</_div>

debian install script

File name: debian/agocontrol-wake_on_lan.install and are additional programs used by this example, likelly irrelevant for other device types.


Update makefile

File name: devices/Makefile
Add wake_on_lan to the directory list

DIRS = enocean3 blinkm chromoflex firmata i2c irtrans_ethernet kwikwai mediaproxy rain8net zwave 1wire syslog 
enigma2 asterisk agoapc agojointspace raspiGPIO raspi1wGPIO raspiMCP3xxxGPIO gc100 onkyo x10 webcam wake_on_lan

New make file

File name: devices/wake_on_lan/Makefile




Device driver

Main logic

File name: devices/wake_on_lan/
Finally, a device driver that uses the new device type. This is a plain vanilla task as outlined in Example Device.

    client.addDevice(deviceId, "computer")

Config file

File name: devices/wake_on_lan/wake_on_lan.conf

Service definition

File name: conf/systemd/agowake_on_lan.service

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