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What is JointSpace

According to the JointSpace SourceForge project site:

  • jointSPACE is an Open Source project that will allow every user/supplier to develop applications for Philips TV displays.
  • jointSPACE is based on the SPACE architecture which was developped by Philips to ease internal development.
  • At a certain point of time, Philips decided to open its architecture to allow everyone developing code for the TV target.


Install the "agocontrol-jointspace" package.


There is no configuration that needs to be done. Nevertheless you can tweak some default behavior if you want. In /etc/opt/agocontrol/config.ini you can add the following section and parameters. The values below are the default values if you omit the config entries.

  • port = JointSpace listen port. This defaults to 1925 and should probably not be changed.
  • voodooport = Port or DirectFB / Voodoo Player in your TV set. This is needed for discovery of powered on devices.
  • interval = Number of seconds between two discovery broadcasts. If you set this too high it takes that number of seconds (worst case) before a device appears in agocontrol after it is powered on. If you set this too low you produce unneeded network load. Every powered on device answers every time it receives a discovery broadcast.
  • timeout = Number of seconds before a device gets removed from agocontrol after it has been discovered the last time. In this example a discovery packet is send out every 30 seconds (interval=30). If a device has not been seen for 65 seconds (timeout=65) it is removed again from agocontrol. 65 has been choosen because it is larger then 2 * discovery interval. That means if a device does not anseer to two discovery broadcasts it is considered switched off. Because a JointSpace device can't be powered on by agocontrol (because network is down, and the devices do not know WOL) we remove it from resolver.

If you leave values as default your device is discovery worst case 30 seconds after it is powered on, and disappears form agocontorl again worst case 65 seconds after it has been powered off.

Commands known by jointspace device

Powers on the device. This does not (yet) work because in standby all network connections are down, and current devices don't support WOL !
Powers off the device.
Increases volume by one
Decrease volume by one
Mutes the TV set. This does not work when using HDMI / ARC to an AMP.
Unmutes the TV set. This does not work when using HDMI / ARC to an AMP.
Sets the volume level between 1 and 100. JointSpace device makes conversion to range available on device. This does not work when using HDMI / ARC to an AMP.
Chooses next channel.
Chooses previous channel.
Sets the choosen channel.

Events emitted by jointspace device

Announces a discovered device to the resolver.
Removes a device from resolver if it has not been seen for a specified period of time.
Is then to the resolver in case of a power on or power off
Sends the new volume level to the resolver. The range is always between 0 and 100. if the device supports a different range the jointspace device takes care to convert.
Sends the actual channel to the resolver if changed.

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