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ago control Web Admin

You can reach the ago control web admin at or http://your-hostname-or-ipaddress:8008/ It is served by the RPC component. You can change the listen port e.g. to 1234 by setting the following in rpc.conf:



The configuration page can be access by clicking on the 'Configuration' button on the left menu:


The following configuration options will now be available via the welcome page and also the buttons in the left menu:

  • Welcome - Access to the ago control documentation and ago control forum link
  • Dashboard and Floorplans - Create custom views of devices and scenarios
  • Rooms and Variables - Define rooms and user variables
  • Scenarios - Create multiple action scenarios that can then be executed by events
  • Events - Create events based on a multitude of different criteria
  • Devices - Configure all devices used within ago control
  • Cloud - Future expansion
  • System - Provides system information
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